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       Technology does not make a teacher great, but Twenty-First Century learning requires teachers to be well versed in the proper integration of educational technology. Throughout my time in the Educational Technology Specialist program at Nazareth College my philosophy of education has undergone a transformation, and my personal belief in the importance of technology in schools has been reinforced. Through my coursework, field experiences, and professional relationships I have discovered that technology in schools is far more complex than simply retrofitting classrooms with computers and SmartBoards, or shoving iPads into the hands of students. While these actions may be an excellent first step, the most important aspect to proper technology education and integration in the classroom is simply the proper training and support of our educators. It is this facet of educational technology that ignites a passion in me. As an Educational Technology Specialist I delight in the opportunity to share my passion for technology with my fellow educators. I enjoy being able to assist others in discovering innovative ways to meet student needs through the use of technologies never before available in schools. Staying current, and exploring the uses and benefits of technologies in the classroom setting is an exciting field, and the chance to share this passion with others is what I revel in.
       Throughout this portfolio you will see a sample of my work during my time at Nazareth College where I studied educational technology. The portfolio itself is organized based on the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards for Teachers. I have selected a wide array of work, with samples meeting the majority of the ISTE Standards. Included, you will find a multitude of different media created by myself including video, Photoshop documents, websites, photographs, blogs, written documents, a fieldwork journal, communication board, podcast, and WebQuest. Each portion of this portfolio was purposefully selected to demonstrate the fluid nature of educational technology, and the endless ways that seamless integration may be used to best meet the needs of students through differentiation in the classroom and the application of current best practices.

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