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ISTE Standard 5a
Applications in Tech.
Field Work Journal

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ISTE Standard 5a

STEM Classroom Field Work Journal

       In EDTS 560, Applications in Technology during the fall of 2014 semester I had the opportunity to complete a field placement at Allendale Columbia in a K-6 grade STEM classroom. During my field placement I had to keep a daily log in the form of a field journal, documenting my time in the classroom, as well as reflecting on what I had observed. The purpose of this assignment was to assist me in being more cognizant of my experience in the classroom and to assist me in better reflecting on the importance of my observations. While completing this assignment I was able to meet ISTE Standard 5a (Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership), which states, "teachers will participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative applications of technology to improve student learning." I was able to meet this standard in many ways including the day-to-day interactions I had within the classroom interacting with the students and teachers, which allowed me to engage in a local learning community geared towards enhancing student learning through STEM. I was also able to participate at a more global level through the various tools we employed to teach STEM such as through the inclusion of coding software such as Scratch that allows for users to share their programs with users across the world.

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