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ISTE Standard 3a
Computer Graphics

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ISTE Standard 3a

Simple Machines: Levers Claymation

       During Computer Graphics (EDTS 540), in the fall of 2015, we created a Claymation project. The purpose of this assignment was to use clay to create a short stop action animation to teach content to students. Because at the time I was teaching a unit on simple machines I decided to create my Claymation as a teaching tool to assist students in deepening their understanding of the three different classes of levers. My Claymation was able to meet ISTE Standard 3a (Model Digital-Age Work and Learning) that states, "Teachers will demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations." The idea of creating a Claymation was a new concept for me. I had experience in the past creating videos, and even a small amount of experience with digital animation on Photoshop, but had never dabbled with clay. I was able to transfer my current knowledge of film editing, as well as my artistic experiences with clay and photography classes, to create a new form of media.

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