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ISTE Standard 3b
Web Design
Classroom Website

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ISTE Standard 3b

Collaborative Mock Classroom Website

       One of my favorite courses that I took over the last two years was Web Design (EDTS 620), during the 2015 spring semester. I enjoyed learning HTML5 and CSS, as well as the creative aspects of the program, and one of my favorite assignments was the culminating group teacher website project. For this assignment, the goal was to create a collaborative website that could be used as a classroom site for students. My partners and I decided to create a fictitious first grade classroom website, where each of us taught a different content area, coding the entire assignment with HTML5 and CSS. This project met ISTE Standard 3b (Model Digital-Age Work and Learning), which states; "teachers will collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation." We were able to meet this standard through the creation of our class website, because we worked collaboratively with one another, and the purpose of the website is to allow collaboration with student and parent users if this were a real classroom webpage. We placed content for students to access such as a timeline of content to be learned, and we placed resources for parents such as supplemental materials and teacher contact information.

Developed by Jacqueline Nielsen