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ISTE Standard 5d

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ISTE Standard 5d

Public Service Announcement Video

       In the spring of 2016 in EDTS 580, Multimedia for Educators, we were assigned the task of creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA). The goal of this assignment was to create a short film while considering the statement; "Teachers must be advocates for the profession as well as for the children with whom they work." I took this statement to heart and asked my own students, whom are all girls, what they felt the world should know. The unanimous vote was that we needed to redefine the word "girl" and the antiquated notion that women do not belong in STEM careers as adults. This project met ISTE Standard 5d (Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership) that states, "Teachers will contribute to the effectiveness, vitality, and self-renewal of the teaching profession and of their school and community." I was able to meet this standard by inspiring my students through this collaborative project by including them in all aspects of the PSA assignment. Upon completion of this project we were able to share our video with staff members in our school and parents in our community thus leading to more knowledgeable, effective, and excited community members ready to promote and support STEM for young women in the school curriculum.

Developed by Jacqueline Nielsen